Remarks by Ambassador Li Jiangning at the Reception Celebrating the 65th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China

H.E.Conrad McIntyre,acting president of the Commonwealth of Dominica and Mrs.McIntyre,

Hon.Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister,and Mrs.Skerrit,

Hon.Alix Boyd-Knights,Speaker of the House of Assembly,

H.E.Nicolas Liverpool, Former President,

H.E.Eliud Williams,Former President,and Mrs.williams,

Hon.Ministers of the Cabinet,

Hon.Members of parliament,

Members of the Diplomatic Corps,

Friends from the Dominican Government,

Members of the Media,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Saca fet!

Eight days from now, Oct.1st will be the 65th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.Let me welcome all of you to this reception commemorating that Autumn Day 65 years ago.It took more than a hundred years of struggle and tremendous sacrifice for China to reach that day,Oct.1,1949,when the establishment of the Chinese Central Government was announced,and for China to begin to rise from a semi-feudal,semi-colonial society to the up-standing and modernizing country that she is today.

Since then great achievements have been made,especially after 1978,when reforms and opening up to the outside world began.The size of China's economy has grown from about 100 billion dollars 65 years ago to 9.3trillion dollars in 2013,the world's 2nd largest.This year it's likely to break through the 10 trillion dollars level.Per ca pita GDP has grown rapidly as well from about 35 dollars then to about 400 dollars in the early 1990s to 6800 dollars in 2013, an increase of 200 times.Chinese economic growth has brought substantive changes to the lives of all the Chinese people in a very good way,greatly changed the fact of society as well as metropolitan skylines,lifting hundreds of people out of poverty,which is seen as the single most important success story in fight against poverty in the world.

China's growth has benefited the world as a whole.China has become the largest trading partner of some 120 countries and regions,China's import at 2 trillion dollar a year has contributed to 30% of the world economic growth.China pursues independent foreign policy of peace, development, cooperation and win-win outcomes with all countries and take the responsibilities that we should and we are capable of.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Dominica and China.Since 2004,the friendship and cooperation between our two countries have grown steadily.To commemorate this important occasion, the two governments have held a series of activities, including exchanges of letters between our national leaders, a joint reception at the new statehouse as well as reception in Beijing given by Chinese People's Friendship Association, the visit to Dominica by Nanjing Traditional Chinese Music Orchestra and their performance at Arawak House of Culture.

We appreciate the support that has been given to us when we are faced with natural disasters or terrorists attacks.Thank you, Prime Minister,for your strong support and understanding in those times.We will continue to work with Dominican friends to bring on-going projects smoothly to their completion and push forward those that are being finalized.

Much has been achieved and more needs to be done.The Chinese Embassy will continue to work hard as always to further our relations and bring them to a new level.

Thank you very much.

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