Mervin Paul and his guests share their experiences in China with listeners of DBS radio

Mr. Mervin Paul, Senior Information Office of GIS, recently hosted the newest edition of "Focus on Government" on DBS radio. Together with Mr. Cecil Joseph, Mayor of Roseau, Mr. Shannah Robin, a martial arts practitioner at Purple Dragon, and Ms. Rhonda Linton, a graduate of Renmin University of China, they shared with listeners their recent visit to China as well as the real China in their Eyes.

 Mr. Mervin Paul

 Mr. Cecil Joseph Mr. Shannah Robin 

Mr. Paul and the guests spoke highly on China's progress in the past thirty years. They believed that China's success comes from China's unique path of peaceful development, its hardworking people and China's efficient education system. "China is a vibrant, safe and democratic country" they said, "The image of China is completely different from that on western media. "

Mr. Paul and his guests all agreed that, since 2004, Dominica has been benefitting from the dynamic Dominica-China diplomatic relations. "However, we Dominican must learn from China and its people in order to secure a better future for our nation" they concluded.

During the live broadcasting, several listeners called in and expressed their views on China.

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