Counselor Qiu Weiwei called on Speaker Alix Boyd Knights

  On March 27, 2012, Counselor Qiu Weiwei of the Chinese Embassy in Dominica called on Speaker of House Hon. Alix Boyd Knights.


Counsellor Qiu Weiwei with Speaker of House, Hon. Alix Boyd Knights 

  During the meeting, Qiu Weiwei expressed sincere thanks to Speaker for her long-term efforts to promote China-Dominica bilateral relations. Qiu said that China had always attached great importance to developing good relations with Dominica. Over the past eight years, the bilateral relations have been developing very smoothly and steadily, thanks to the joint efforts of the two governments and peoples. She said that to be able to directly involve herself in this process is indeed an honor and privilege and she will try her best to further promote China-Dominica good relations in the days ahead.

  Speaker Alix Boyd Knights extended a warm welcome to Qiu Weiwei as she assumed the office. She recalled her visit to China several years ago, saying that China's economic and social development achievements impressed her very much. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties between Dominica and China, through friendly exchanges and contacts, more and more Dominica people have a better understanding of China. They appreciate the sincere assistance and support from China. Speaker Alix Boyd Knights said that Dominica Parliament wished to strengthen friendly relations with China's National People's Congress in the future.
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