Li Keqiang Meets with President Vladimir Putin of Russia

On the afternoon of September 18, 2019 local time, Premier Li Keqiang met with President Vladimir Putin of Russia at the Kremlin in Moscow.

Li Keqiang first conveyed President Xi Jinping's sincere greetings to President Vladimir Putin. Li Keqiang expressed, China and Russia are each other's biggest neighbors. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationship between the two countries. Not long ago, the two heads of state agreed to elevate China-Russia relations to the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era. During my visit, I held the 24th Regular Meeting between Chinese Premier and Russian Prime Minister with Dmitry Medvedev, which mapped out bilateral exchanges and cooperation in various fields in a comprehensive way and achieved many new results. Maintaining the sound and steady development of China-Russia relations is not only in the interests of the two sides, but also conducive to the region and the world at large. The Chinese side is ready to work with the Russian side to continuously consolidate friendship, deepen cooperation, strengthen exchanges, and safeguard the international system with the United Nations as its core and the multilateral trading system based on the rules of the World Trade Organization, which is of great significance for promoting world development, prosperity, peace and stability.

Li Keqiang pointed out, China and Russia have broad prospects for cooperation. The Chinese side stands ready to better synergize the Belt and Road Initiative with the Eurasian Economic Union, to promote the simultaneous increase in both the scale and the quality of bilateral trade. China is further expanding opening up and the huge market potential will bring more opportunities to enterprises from all over the world including Russia. It is hoped that the two sides can continue to open up to each other, broaden investment and market access and create more cooperation opportunities for enterprises from the two countries, so that China-Russia practical cooperation will achieve more fruitful results and deliver greater benefits to the two peoples in the new era.

Congratulating on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Vladimir Putin said, relations with China are a priority of Russian diplomacy. Bilateral relations and cooperation have scored remarkable achievements since the two countries established diplomatic relationship 70 years ago. Bilateral relations have been upgraded to the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era. Russia-China relations are an important stabilizing factor in international relations. The meeting between Russian Prime Minister and Premier Li Keqiang has achieved many new results and effectively promoted bilateral practical cooperation. The Russian side is willing to better align its development strategy with the Belt and Road Initiative, constantly expand the two countries' trade and promote common development.

On the afternoon of the same day, Li Keqiang laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Red Square in Moscow.

Vice Premier Sun Chunlan, Vice Premier Hu Chunhua, and State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi were present at above activities.

Li Keqiang arrived in Moscow from St. Petersburg by a special plane after the successful holding of the 24th Regular Meeting between Chinese Premier and Russian Prime Minister. Premier Li Keqiang's wife Cheng Hong, Vice Premier Sun Chunlan and Vice Premier Hu Chunhua, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and other delegation members arrived in Moscow by the same plane.

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