Spokesperson on Li Denghui's Planned Visit to the United States
Q: Ii is reported that Li Denghui will visit the United States once again at the invitation of Cornell University. What is your comment?

A: The Chinese side firmly opposes US allowing under whatever pretexts Li Denghui to go to the US to engage in activities in whatever capacity and in whatever name. The Chinese side has made repeated solemn representations with the US side. It must be pointed out that Li Denghui is by no means an ordinary ?civilian?. He is but rather a politician particularly engaged in separatist activities against China. In 1995, he went to Cornell University for activities aimed at splitting China. And he trotted out the notorious ? two-state theory? in 1999. He is a representative of the forces for Taiwan independence and an outright ?trouble-maker?. His attempt to visit the United States for a second time clearly harbors evil political purposes and is aimed at jeopardizing the relations across the Taiwan Strait and China-US ties. We ask the US side to effectively honor the ?One China ?policy, the three China-US Joint Communiqués and the relevant commitments made by the US side by not allowing Li Denghui?s visit in order to avoid serious damage to China- US relations.
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